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Every company, regardless of industry or offering, has the same 6 Pillars of Business that must be managed and strategically developed for scalability and sustainability.
FocuStrat has a culmination of topics on which our experienced Business Strategists work with companies and organizations.



A professional development program to business owners and leaders how to be more strategic and effective when leading their organizations and managing others.  Gain insight on how to strategically empower others and provide opportunities for development and succession planning.  Initiate efficiencies in processes and practices both personally and professionally.  A ‘strategic time out’ for you to focus on the growth of your business. 


  • 8 Quarter Program – (*Note:  These quarterly topics can be customizable)

    • Introduction: Entrepreneurial Mindset 

    • Strategic Marketing

    • Strategic Selling

    • Strategic Leadership

    • Relationship/People Management

    • Developing an Operations Manual

    • Measuring Success

    • Business Planning & Implementation

  • Year round, quarterly advisory and accountability sessions to help business owners to intentionally and confidentially work on their life and business to engender more effective business practices. 

  • Sessions to catalyze the mindset and behavior changes that enable the business owner(s) to strategically realize and fulfill their business visions. 

  • Assistance and direction in evaluating and developing potential business strategies leading to increased opportunity and improved return on investment in all business activities

  • Synergy from individual marketing and promotional activities that are designed to build on each other

  • Creation of a clear process and track record of helping the organization achieve growth 

  • Development of a pro-active vs. reactive approach to business development

  • Enhancement and improvement of communication styles and sales skills

  • Creation of compelling marketing messages and marketing plans

  • Increased networking and referral source effectiveness 

  • Strategic planning to increase profitable revenue growth 

  • Improve building blocks of business development

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4- Developing Strategic Managers.jpg

A professional development program to show managers and leaders how to be more strategic and effective when managing others.  Being strategic means providing opportunities for empowerment to those being lead.

  • 4 Quarter Program - 

    • Introduction: Strategic Mindset

    • Strategic Marketing & Selling

    • Relationship/People Management & Strategic Leadership

    • Business Planning & Implementation

  • Business development and Focused Strategies for accountability processes addressing tough issues managers face.

  • Provides an accountability process to enable managers to identify business and personal goals

  • Strategic planning to increase profitable revenue growth

  • Creation of a clear process and track record of helping the organization achieve growth

  • Development of a pro-active vs. reactive approach to business development

  • Enhancement and improvement of communication styles and sales skills

  • Improve managers’ understanding of building blocks of business development

  • Instruction on how to leverage marketing practices to achieve business growth

  • Assist managers to excel at leadership and adopt more effective beliefs, habits, and strategies

  • Provide a process to managers for effective team management

  • Counsel managers on how to effectively train others and appropriately delegate 

  • Sessions to guide managers to identify Strategic Business Concepts 



A professional development program for leaders and professionals to work on a strategic game plan for empowerment and creating effective engagements.  Build your competencies to advance to progressive levels in your career path.  Being strategic means providing opportunities for empowerment to those being lead.  You become empowered when you empower others.


  • Expand your capacity to perform in leadership roles within organizations.

  • Learn to facilitate and execute an organization's strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare, and growing the capabilities of others.  

  • Gain insight on the development of employees and colleagues Into Innovative Leaders.  

  • Insight on transforming your company by accelerate your team with leadership training. 

  • Learn to make consequential decisions that align with corporate strategy and culture. 

  • Become equipped with relevant technical, relational, and communication skills.  

  • Boosts employee engagement and increases the organization's ability to deal with gaps in the talent pipeline and reduces retention headaches.  

  • Tips and tricks to improve bottom-line financial performance.

  • Counseling on driving strategy execution, by attracting and retaining talent.

  • Guidance on navigating change to increase success.

9- Leadership Development.jpg


6- Mastering Sales Processes.jpg

Maximize sales with the right process and mindset!  Produce better results in your profits with positive changes in your team.

  • 4 Quarter Program -

    • Introduction:  Sales Mindset

    • Selling & Marketing

    • Relationship Management

    • Networking Skills

  • Utilize our planning tools and marketing strategies

    • Introduction:  Strategic Mindsets

    • Sales Conversations

    • Marketing Strategies

    • Strategic Selling

  • Advisory sessions to become a strategic sales professional by guiding them on a mindset shift to that of a strategic manager

  • Guiding participants to utilize entrepreneurial strategies in mastering a sales process

  • Develop a priority management system

  • Learn how to leverage marketing and strategic relationships

  • Understand how marketing drives sales

  • Learn effective networking strategies

  • Learn to overcome selling fears, bad habits, and self-limiting



Do you know the 6 pillars of your business?
Have you thoroughly thought through every facet of your business?
The real value of creating a business plan is not in having the finished product in hand; rather, the value
lies in the process of researching and thinking about your business in a systematic way. The act of
planning helps you to think things through thoroughly, study and research if you are not sure of the
facts and look at your ideas critically. It takes time now, but avoids costly, perhaps disastrous, mistakes

This 6-session program covers:

  • Part 1: Introduction, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Company Description,

  • Products/Services, and Refining the plan.

  • Part 2.1: Marketing Plan - Part 1: Research, Economics, Products

  • Part 2.2: Marketing Plan - Part 2: Customers, Competition, Niche, Strategy, Sales Forecasts

  • Part 3: Operations Plan

  • Part 4: Management & Organization, Appendices, Executive Summary

  • Part 5: Personal Financial Statement, Financial Plan

1- Developing Business Plans.jpg


3- Developing Young Professionals.jpg

What type are you? How do you build your leadership skills and empower yourself to seize leadership
opportunities? Learn to Develop, Engage, & Empower by directing, coaching, supporting, and
delegating. We will show you how to recognize your natural traits and utilize them to lead others.

  • Understanding leadership styles and associated personality traits using DiSC assessments.

  • Use your power and leadership to achieve goals!

  • Build alliances for empowerment

  • Create passion in your environment

  • Continue your growth as a leader through a self-development plan

Learn how to empower yourself and others to build upon natural tendencies and the type of leader you want to be!



Focused Strategies to ensure your team doesn’t fall short on any of its performance goals!

  • Is there a lack of training in your organization that prevents you from becoming or leading
    a high-performance team?

  • Are you losing time, money, and employees due to low team performance?

We help your organization to achieve and identify the characteristics of building and managing
a High-Performance Team. We will show you how to customize a strategy to take your teams
from good to great! We’ve all wasted our time attending non-productive meetings - Learn to
facilitate productive meetings. You will learn to develop a plan aligning your team(s) towards
common goals while building, motivating, and retaining high performers.

*Optional Add-On: An added tool for understanding how to analyze communications types and
be more effective in your role to develop teams, more productive work environments, and a
deeper understanding of what motivates and drives associates.

8- Managing High Performance Teams.jpg


7- Building Teams & Teamwork.jpg

Cultivate effectiveness, lead with excellence, and develop your team for impactful results!

  • How much of your team’s time is spent on important objectives?

  • How do your employees know if they’re contributing to your business’s success?

  • Does your team know what the company goals are?

Communicate effectively and raise the levels of trust and fulfillment within your team. Learn to
develop goals associated with being a part of a team. Show others in your organization how to
understand the concept of a team, and its factors for success. Teamwork is a part of everyday
life. Whether it’s at home, in the community, or at work, we are often expected to be a
functional part of a performing team. Develop strategies for setting and leading team
meetings. We will also discuss the impact of various team building activities.

Success is determined by a wide range of factors. When we are given a project or an
assignment, we are also usually given a metric to which we can gauge the success of it. Having a
strong team will benefit any organization and will lead to more successes.


Focused Strategies for Public Speaking!

We assist clients in achieving personal and professional goals by helping to improve public
speaking skills. Improve your presentation abilities, learn how to overcome fear and attain
better focus. Begin with a self-assessment of your existing presentation skills to identify
strengths and opportunities for growth. Develop skills to establish a purpose for a
presentation and crafting messages specific to that purpose.

This program teaches you:

  • Identify your public speaking fears

  • Public Speaking vs. Presentations

  • Performing

  • Body Language

  • Content

  • Delivery

  • Making a memorable conclusion

5- Public Speaking & Presentation Skills 2.jpg



Help today’s students develop into tomorrow’s leaders!

FocuStrat’s Student Solutions Program is customizable on topics for students at all levels; Pre-K – College.  This flexible program provides simple, yet profound, tools to help students uncover their personal strengths, then apply that information to everyday communication and learning situations. Our Student Solutions Program has adaptive timing duration to accommodate for learning environments of months, quarters, semesters, academic year, or calendar year.

The modular outline focuses on topics such as:

  • Leadership 

  • Time Management & Prioritization

  • Strategic Mindset for Young Leaders

  • Dress for Success

  • Effective Networking Strategies 

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills 

  • Strategic Selling & Marketing

  • Leadership Through Crisis & Conflict

  • Money! Money! Money! (Cashflow Management & Financial Planning)

  • Strategic Goal Setting and Measuring Success

  • *Optional: Student Keys 

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