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Focused Strategies for Growing Businesses... That is exactly what we do!
We help business leaders focus on the areas of their business that could use a little help overcoming operational challenges, whether in the form of human assets, financial management, or cultural improvements.

Our clients utilize our business guidance in many forms including programs, workshops, one-to-ones, and customized solutions.

The 6 Pillars of Business

Every company, regardless of industry or offering, has the same 6 Pillars of Business that must be managed and strategically developed for scalability and sustainability.


FocuStrat has a culmination of topics on which our experienced Business Strategists work with companies and organizations.

Finance Management

Understand the financial side of your business so you can make and keep more money!


Cash flow is King!

Most business owners struggle with effective cash flow management. Perhaps you need help understanding your financial statements and benchmarks.


Our team can help business owners with focused strategies for lessening tax burdens as well as financially planning for expansion, restructuring, and even selling the business.

Topics include:

- Flow Management

- Reading Financial Statements

- Bookkeeping Techniques

- Financial Planning for Expansion

- Restructuring

- Selling Your Business

- Financial Ratios and Benchmarks

- Expansion & Restructuring

Marketing & Promotions

How are you reaching your target audience?


Who should be your target audience?


Focused strategies for strategic marketing enable businesses to invoke effective methods for identifying the marketing communications channels with the most impact for their audiences.


Marketing and promoting your products and services will encompass these topics:

- Strategic Marketing Plans

- Marketing Calendar & Budgets

- Channels of Marketing Identification

- Event Marketing & Planning

- Social Media

- Promotions for Targeted Audiences

- Marketing vs. Sales

- Grass Roots Marketing Efforts

- Marketing Communications Vehicles

Operational Management

FocuStrat advisors guide client business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. 


Across all industries and business sectors, our business strategists help clients streamline and/or implement planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling resources needed to produce their goods/services.


Our clients are able to determine broad strategies, as well as these required tactics and specific tasks as their steps to achievement:


- Developing Company Manuals

- Project Management Processes

- Scheduling

- Supply Chain Optimization

- Organizational Structure

- Work Processes

- Roles & Responsibilities

- Distribution Methods

Products & Services

Do you know when or how to diversify your product offering to meet market demands?


How can you take current products/services and promote new customer offerings for sustainability?

FocuStrat helps businesses identify new opportunities for incremental revenue streams.


With our clients, we review:

- Product/Service Diversification

- Tiered Approach to Service Offering

- Bundling/Merchandising

- Pricing Structures

- Inventory Management

- Sales Channels

Employee Relations

Are your people in the right seats on the bus?

Are they all rowing the boat in the same direction?


Having the right assignment of roles & responsibilities is critical to any organization.


If a business has not established what the culture should look like, the employees will determine it on their own. 


What does this mean to your customer engagement?


FocuStrat's strategic tool of DiSC Assessments tie into so many factors of employee engagement which are critical to quality customer service:

- Building Effective Teams

- Utilizing DiSC Assessments

- Managing High Performance Teams

- Teamwork

- Respectful Workplace

- Conflict Resolution

Sales Processes

Exchanging products/services for payment isn’t the only thing that defines a sales process.


To have impactful sales processes a company needs to focus on networking, sales pipelines, follow-ups, and so much more.


FocuStrat advisors help businesses develop their teams with a variety of necessary sales tools:

- Strategic Networking

- Prospecting

- Processes for Managing Sales Pipelines

- Follow-up & Initiative

- Handling Objections

- Targeting Personas

- Using DiSC styles for Effective Selling

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